Yeovil Town Council is committed to installing and maintaining defibrillators in the town.  This initiative has been well supported by the community and the Council are busy engaging with local businesses.  Yeovil Town Council are currently the guardians of defibrillators at

1. Nationwide Yeovil branch, Middle Street

2.The Acorn Somerset, 10 Church St, Yeovil

3. Ninesprings Cafe, Brunswick Street (YEOVIL COUNTRY PARK)

4. St Andrew’s Scout Group, Preston Grove

5. St Peter's Community Centre, Westfield

6. Dunelm, Quedam Shopping Centre, Yeovil

7. Birchfield Community Centre, Birchfield Road

8. The Quicksilver Mail, Yeovil 

9. Milford Hall, Yeovil 

10. Yeovil Town Council, 19 Union Street 

11. Holy Trinity Church and Community Centre

12. Elim Church, Southville 

13. Maltravers House, Petters Way

14. Progress Gym, Lynx Trading Estate

We are in the process of identifying more possible future locations.