Yeovil District Hospital Charity 

Yeovil Hospital Charity is the official charity of Yeovil Hospital. It was first set up back in 1994 and has since then raised millions of pounds to fund a range of projects and services that benefit patients and their families.

Some of the major projects we have been involved in at the hospital include the refurbishment of the maternity unit, namely our Special Care Baby Unit, the procurement of a secondary CT scanner and more recently the development of a brand new Breast Cancer Unit.

The hospital is an organisation which is close to most people’s hearts, as we have all had or will have some sort connection with the hospital at some stage in our life, whether it be for ourselves, a friend, a family member or a work colleague etc.

We operate a variety of fundraising activities throughout the year, including our own big events, supporting those out in the local community with their own individual events, sponsored challenges and legacy gifts etc.

Yeovil Hospital Charity works hard to try and enhance the hospital’s services and facilities, in a bid to improve the quality of care for patients in the local area, at what is often a difficult time.

We feel incredibly honoured to be chosen as one of the Mayor’s charities and we are very grateful for the support.

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 Somerset NHS Foundation Trust - Yeovil Hospital Charity 


Yeovil Opportunity Group 

Changing the lives of families and Children with Special Educational Needs (SEND) in South Somerset.

The Yeovil Opportunity Group is the best kept, small grass roots secret charity, in South Somerset. Most people only know about YOG when their lives have been touched by having, or knowing a child with special needs.

We were the vision, 53 years ago of a Consultant Paediatrician and Speech and Language therapist, and provide specialist early intervention and learning & development support for children with a wide range of special needs and disabilities and their families from birth to 5. Led by a highly qualified SEND teacher, her specialist team of SENCO Key workers and volunteers, we work in partnership with a variety of professionals, including Health Visitors, Consultant Paediatricians, Speech & Language therapists, Occupational therapists, and many more.

At the heart of what we offer is time and a safe space to develop and grow, not just for the children, but also lots of support for our parents and carers too. In a world where so many support services are difficult to access, fragmented and overwhelming, everything we do is about helping or children and families achieve the tiniest steps, one step at a time with the ultimate goal of changing lives.

On behalf of our children, parents and carers, the team at YOG we wish Andy Kendall a very successful year as Mayor and would like to thank everyone who will be supporting the Mayors Charities this year.

A message from a parent March 2023

“The help and support provided by YOG should never be underestimated. It made a significant impact on not only my small ones mental health but also mine. There is nothing more empowering as a parent than being respected as the expert on your child, to know there is always someone there with an empathetic ear to provide reassurance, help and advise across all aspects of life with a child who has special needs. I was given the feeling people weren’t helping me because they had to, they were helping because they genuinely cared. We as a family are so grateful to YOG for everything they have done for us. We are where we are now because of you. Our small ones have had the best start in life”.

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